5 May: Jorge's arrival was also marked by delivery of our new toy - the group's new glovebox arrived today too!

5 May: We welcome Jorge Garduño to the group, a new postdoctoral colleague who joins us from the Glueck group down the hall!

25 February: More major equipment installed! We're looking forward to running analysis with our new HPLC and GC instruments.

3 January: Welcome to two new undergraduate students joining us through the WISP program - Kat & Lord!


22 December: Some of our major equipment and instruments have been installed over the last few weeks - take a look at our solvent purification system and photoreactor. More to come after the holidays!

9 November: Welcome to the group's first graduate student - Max!

28 October: We have a fully funded postdoctoral position available - learn how to apply here.

6 October: First reactions are running in the lab!

15 September: The group welcomes its first undergraduate students - Dahlia & Jack!

1 September: The lab opens its doors for the first time today!

8 June: Launch of our group website! The Sandford Lab will join Dartmouth in Fall 2021.