Group Members

Current Members

Graduate Students

Maksym Pavlenko

Graduate Student (Fall 2021 present)

Education: MChem Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, University of Manchester, UK (2021)

Interests: Sports (Olympic weightlifting, swimming and snowboarding), gastronomy (cooking and baking, including food chemistry), literature, music and linguistics. 

Abigail Procione

Graduate Student (Fall 2022 present)

Education: B.S./M.S. Chemistry, University of Northern Colorado, with Michael Mosher (2022)

Interests: Dinosaurs and paleontology, neuropsychology, Grey’s Anatomy, mixology

Postdoctoral Researchers

Kimberly Wasik 

Postdoctoral Researcher (Summer 2022 present)

Education: BS Chemistry, UT Austin, with Michael Krische (2016). PhD Chemistry, UN Reno, with Laina Geary (2022).

Interests: Hiking and exploring nature, piano, knitting, and cooking.

Undergraduate Students

Jack Ranani

Undergraduate Student (Fall 2021 present)

First-Year Research Opportunities in Chemistry Program 2022; URAD (Undergraduate Research Assistantships at Dartmouth) Scholar 2022/2023

Education: Biophysical Chemistry, Dartmouth College (expected 2025)

Interests: Cooking, watching Jeopardy!, and hiking.

Katherine Plaza

Undergraduate Student (Winter 2022 present)

WISP (Women in Science Program) Intern 2022; URAD (Undergraduate Research Assistantships at Dartmouth) Scholar 2023

Education: Chemistry, Dartmouth College (expected 2025)

Interests: Rock climbing, reading fiction, scuba diving and skiing.

Ryan Tanski

Undergraduate Student (Summer 2022 present)

URAD (Undergraduate Research Assistantships at Dartmouth) Scholar 2022 

Education: Chemistry, Dartmouth College (expected 2025)

Interests: Woodturning, hiking, snowboarding, and environmentalism.

Colby Lish

Undergraduate Student (Winter 2023 present)

URAD (Undergraduate Research Assistantships at Dartmouth) Scholar 2023

Education: Biomedical Engineering, Dartmouth College (expected 2025)

Interests: Singing, EMS, hiking, cooking, and reading.

Brennah Slaney

Undergraduate Student (Winter 2023 present)

WISP (Women in Science Program) Intern 2023

Education: Dartmouth College (expected 2026)

Interests: Rowing, baking, running, and collecting seashells.


Undergraduate students at Dartmouth interested in research opportunities are encouraged to contact Chris. Those interested in programs such as the Dartmouth Women in Science Program (WISP), the E. E. Just Program, Dartmouth's Academic Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (ASURE), and others, are very welcome to reach out for more information. External programs include the ACS DOC SURF program (for the summer between the junior and senior year).

Prospective graduate students should apply through the Department of Chemistry program. Inquiries from interested prospective students are always welcome.

Funded postdoctoral positions will be advertised when available. Interested postdoctoral candidates should send a cover letter, CV, 2-page summary of past research accomplishments and future research interests, and contact details for two or more referees (only applications that meet these criteria will receive a response). Outstanding applicants who wish to apply for independent funding will receive assistance with fellowship applications and should contact Chris well in advance of application deadlines.


Postdoctoral Researchers

Jorge Garduño (Spring 2022 - Winter 2023). Present position: Associate Professor at Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Mexico.  

Undergraduate Students

Lord Charité Igirimbabazi '24 (WISP Intern and E. E. Just Undergraduate Fellow, Winter 2022 - Summer 2022)

Dahlia Igiraneza '24 (URAD Scholar, Fall 2021 - Winter 2022)